inspection & testing

Our company specialises in the Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations.

Over time all electrical wiring systems slowly deteriorate. This can be because of misuse through over loading of circuits, damage to switchgear and accessories and the natural aging of cables.

To maintain the safety of the user or occupants of the building it is important to carry out a regular inspection and test of the installation. This is known as A Periodic Inspection and Test. This inspection & testing process will identify any problems and allow corrective actions to be carried out to bring the installation up to the required standard.

Once an inspection has been completed, a Periodic Inspection and Test Certificate is issued. The certificate will give an accurate assessment of the system with accompanying test results. The certification also gives the client total peace of mind and an assurance that the installation is safe.

Apart from very minor electrical work, all electrical installation work when completed must be correctly inspected and tested and a Inspection & Test Certificate must be provided that complies with the British Standard BS7671.

When selling a property building surveyors will insist on this inspection certificate being made available.

As an approved NIC EIC registered contractor you can be assured that the work and testing is carried out to the very highest standard.

L&B Electrical NIC EIC Registration No. 601803000